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Training and Development CV

I have used my skills as an actor in training and development for 15 years and have enjoyed the ability to give practical and immediate feedback to clients from the perspective of behaviours and interpersonal skills. I work using both straight role-play and forum theatre to engage delegates emotionally with some of the thorny issues they may have with their employees and peers. For the last two years I have devised and run workshops for teenagers in colleges and schools to raise their self esteem and encourage their interpersonal skills

Experience and Practice

Performance Management

Working with a variety of management positions I use bespoke role-play to get the delegates to work on current issues exploring safely the strategies that will enable a more successful future outcome. Feedback is an important component of the courses. After the delegates have given their feedback I give input into how the conversation made me feel. Discussion of the role-plays with the whole group leads to better understanding of a variety of situations with common themes.


Working with mangers that are both office and field based, I use forum theatre to illustrate some of the pitfalls of a difficult conversation handled ineffectively. The delegates then work in smaller groups and use live situations/bespoke role-plays. The delegates are then able to understand the effect that some behaviours have on teams, and through coaching they develop strategies to have more successful and less stressful appraisal meetings.

Motivational Interview Techniques

Using role-play, games and exercises I explore the issues surrounding factors that can prevent a successful interview. I also explore the impact body language has on first impressions and help the students gain an understanding of how stress can inhibit presentation.

I use a variety of techniques: forum theatre, vocal games and physical warm-ups to relax and give the students an opportunity to experience at first hand the impact which their behaviours can have upon the interviewer. Through group role-play they are encouraged to find their own voice and also share best practice with each other, thereby gaining a good understanding of how factors such as low self-esteem can interfere with their interview performance.

Assessment Centres

During the interview and in front of the assessor, the candidate is given the opportunity to work with me either in a coaching role or as a manager in a performance review meeting.

After the interviews have been conducted the assessor will ask for feedback as to how I had felt and then to support this, I give written feedback, which is then used as evidence as part of the assessment.

Interview Practice

Playing the interviewee in a formal interview setting, I work with the client to establish the parameters that they wish to explore with the interviewer. Feedback is given at the end of the interviews when required by the client in order for the delegate to gain understanding of the impact their questioning can have on an interviewee. Having a credible and relevant CV is essential. Behavioural Interviewing necessitates having evidence to support experience.

Presentation Skills

After an initial assessment I use a variety of warm up and relaxation exercises to free up body language. I then work on harnessing nervous energy and through anchoring and meditative exercises I help to develop confidence using the delegates natural style. Using storytelling as a basis for delivery they will then have a better understanding of getting their message across more effectively.

Medical Role Play Using 121 bespoke role-play in teaching and filming for feedback, the students are able to understand the impact their behaviour can have on patients. Consistency is essential in the Medical School Exams (OSCE) where written marking contributes to the exam outcome. Scripted scenes are used for GP and diversity training.

Clients include

OFSTED English Heritage Cabinet Office Phoenix Housing Eurostar S E Cancer Network Hertfordshire and Northampton CC Eversheds  Royal Mail   Connexions in London boroughs of Greenwich Lewisham and Bromley  BAA Royal Mail O2 Mercedes-Benz General Motors Wild Life Trust National Gallery

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