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Motivational Interview Workshops

Using role-play, games and exercises I explore the issues surrounding factors that can prevent a successful interview. I also explore the impact body language has on first impressions and help the students gain an understanding of how stress can inhibit presentation.

I use a variety of techniques: forum theatre, vocal games and physical warm-ups to relax and give the students an opportunity to experience at first hand the impact which their behaviours can have upon the interviewer. Through group role-play they are encouraged to find their own voice and also share best practice with each other, thereby gaining a good understanding of how factors such as low self-esteem can interfere with their interview performance

Workshops are tailored to the groups needs. For example for school based interview practice the group size can be as many as 20 and repeated on a carousel of workshops throughout the day.

For a more intensive session the group would be approximately 8-10 students and last 2 hours.

I have over five years’ experience helping students to prepare for interviews using motivational techniques at:Kingston College, Bromley College, Croydon College, Lillian Baylis School, Alleyn’s School and with NEETS through Connexions in the London boroughs of Greenwich Lewisham, Bromley and Southwark

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