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Interview Skills

Alleyn’s School

At Alleyn’s School we hold an annual Interview Skills Day for Year 12 students, as part of which Maggie Saunders has held a workshop for the past five years. The workshop is excellent: it is a lively and engaging session, which is as instructive as it is enjoyable. Her ability to make complex ideas accessible, and the sympathetic way in which she encourages all students to participate, mark her out as a fine educator. In short, I recommend Maggie and her team enthusiastically and without hesitation. We invite her to return to the school each year simply because the sessions are so good.

Dr Stephen P Kelly


Drama In A Day

St Saviours  C 0f E Primary School

Regarding the wonderful World War 1  workshop you did with our Year Six class before Christmas.

I wanted to reiterate how amazing we felt the project was.  The children loved it, the staff were delighted to work with you and the parents were stunned!  The production was fantastic to watch and, as a combined group, couldn’t believe that you were able to cover so much in such a short period of time.

It was such a treat for the children (and staff) to work with such a professional group who, hopefully, equally enjoyed working with us.  Rarely do we encounter outside professionals that have such an immediate impact on us as a school – you are a rare find and we truly hope we can work with you again in the very near future.

I do hope that we can work together again soon.

With all best wishes,


Ms L.J.Woodford  Headteacher St Saviours C of E Primary School Shirland Road London W9 2JD


Dulwch Hamlet Junior School

It was a fantastic day! The children were engaged from the outset due to the wonderful and fun warm up, an activity the class has used since the drama day. The children immediately felt at ease with Maggie’s fun and up beat personality. Every minute of the session was filled with opportunities for the children to improvise and bring what they wanted to the performance. Maggie provided the idea for the performance but the children were expected to come up with their own spoken parts and actions. Every child had a part to play. The ‘Drama In A Day’ session resulted in a great performance which was incredibly entertaining to watch. It was very hard to believe that the children had only the day to come up with the ideas and action for a performance and pull it off in front of an audience. Under Maggie’s creative direction the children managed this superbly.

Miss Sylvia Brough

Class Teacher

Dulwich hamlet Junior School



Motivational Interviewing

Alleyn’s School
Careers Department
Tel: 020 8557 1508

MAGGIE SAUNDERS has conducted interactive drama workshops for our Year 12 pupils for the last four years as part of our Mock Interview Day.

Her workshops examine various aspects of non-verbal communication and she asks pupils to complete role-plays with feedback from their peers.   Maggie also leads the round-up session of the day so that pupils can go away on a very positive note.We always ask pupils to give us feedback after the day and the drama workshops have consistently received glowing praise as the highpoint in a fairly intensive day.   I would say she delivers serious messages in an entertaining way.

Elizabeth Ochagavia,Careers Co-ordinator.



Audition Coaching

Maggie Saunders has been of invaluable help and support to me.  When I decided to audition for The BRIT School, Maggie’s enthusiasm and practical tips about presentation enabled me to be confident and comfortable in myself as an actor; Maggie also taught me how to present myself in auditions, workshops and acting classes. Without Maggie’s expert training I would have struggled to believe my own capabilities and to be confident within myself. This undoubtedly contributed to my success in getting in to The BRIT School.

When I have worked with Maggie I have experienced the overwhelming sense of individual care that her workshops provide. Her structure is unique in that she covers all aspects of your individual problems. For example, I have particular difficulties with feeling nervous and letting my nerves hold me back in performances. Maggie helped me change this by recommending a series of breathing techniques.

The most important factor for me is that I felt comfortable and relaxed in working in a one-to-one session with Maggie because of the professionalism of her teaching and her friendly attitude.

Amelia Barry



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