Maggie Saunders

Presentation and Vocal Coaching

Presentation Skills Workshops

I work with small groups or individually and help identify the issues that can prevent a successful business presentation or interview.
I introduce techniques that can help overcome nerves and manage them positively.

Passion can be a powerful tool in getting a message across. I explore and help participants understand their own passions and how to use this in business presenting.

I explore fears about presenting Why do people fear presenting so much? What is so scary about it? Why do people feel they have to be word-perfect? Research has found that public speakers who make mistakes score higher than those that are flawless. Finding the courage to be themselves is key.

By using practical tips such as vocal games, relaxation and breathing exercises I help participants free up their body language, understand the impact it can have on an audience and help them harness their nervous energy. The aim is to develop confidence in a natural style that works for them.

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